What’s in aespa’s Ningning bag?

Recently the monster rookies, aespa, took their time to share on YouTube their fans what they carry around in their bags!
Without waiting any longer, let’s dive right away to what Ningning has in her bag~

Black Givenchy Mini Antigona Vertical Bag 👜




The best things always come in small packages. Case in point; this mini-sized Antigona vertical bag from Givenchy. Need we say more?

More details: Givenchy Mini Antigona Vertical Bag




Item 1 – AirPods 🎧


Ningning uses AirPods 2 by Apple as her headphones to listen to music. The AirPods case is the Exquisite Archive Music Box AirPod Case in green color.
To complete the cute look she adds an additional keyring – Miffy 3D Keyring in Moody Green version. What a great combo~



Item 2 – Face Mask 😷

Item 3 – Phone Charger 🔋

Item 4 – Eyedrops 💧

Item 5 – Avène Thermal Spring Water Mist Spray 💦




A unique thermal water spray is bottled directly at the source and packaged in a sterile environment for guaranteed purity. Its composition is clinically shown to soothe, soften and calm sensitive skin.

More details: Avène Thermal Spring Water Mist Spray



Item 6 – Duck Egg…? 🥚

Ningning explains she eats the egg, called Xianyadan (salted duck egg) for breakfast at home all the time. Ningning recommends eating the egg with congee for the perfect combo meal. But no words at all on why it’s in the bag!

Item 7 – Pink Teddy Bear Scrunchie 🧸

Item 8 – Hair Claw

Item 9 – Tangle Angel Keyring



Ingeniously handy, this keyring brush was made for emergency brushing.

Attach it to a sports bag, school bag, any bag no matter how small, and take the power to detangle with you, wherever you go.

Carry it with you on dates, nights out, between meetings, for wonderfully well-kept hair whenever, wherever, forever.

More details: Tangle Angel Keyring


Item 10 – A Random… Spoon?

Although Ningning got a great reason to have a spoon around at any time, the members were quite shocked to see this in her bag.
The aespa members made fun of the unique ancient-looking spoon, claiming they never saw it in their dorms, but rather might find it in a museum.
Giselle said she feel like you’ll get enteritis if you eat with this spoon!

Item 11 – Lipsticks 💄

Various different lipstick colors. Her recent purchase was Givenchy’s Le Rouge Deep Velvet Matte Lipstick in a nude color.

Item 12 – Card Wallet 👛

Item 13 – Mini Face Massager

Last Item – iPhone 12 Pro 🍎




A14 Bionic rockets past every other smartphone chip. The Pro camera system takes low-light photography to the next level — with an even bigger jump on iPhone 12 Pro Max. And Ceramic Shield delivers four times better drop performance. Let’s see what this thing can do.

More details: iPhone 12 Pro



That all in Ningning’s bag! To see what more products Ningning likes and uses on daily basis check out her profile page!

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